Building community book by book

As with any sale, not all the items are sold. So, our volunteers return the week after the sale, this time to select books suited to the needs of the clients and customers of 20+ groups and organizations.

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Most of these groups are local, but we have provided books to other areas of Saskatchewan and even overseas. Not everyone on our community list can accommodate donations every year, but new groups take up the slack.

Our biggest donation for the last six years has been to The Book Project, Saskatchewan Jails. In 2018, we provided more than 13,000 items including 8,000 magazines, and 5,000 books.

And that’s just the beginning. This is a list of the charities and other organizations we have donated materials to over the past few years. The list changes each year as the needs of the group change. 

  • Arcola Community School

  • Balfour Collegiate Shirley Schneider Support Centre

  • Carmichael Outreach

  • Christian Salvage Mission

  • Circle Project Children's Centre

  • CJTR Community Radio

  • Community Living

  • Four Directions Primary Health Care

  • Hope’s Home

  • Isabel Johnson Shelter (YWCA)

  • Kitchener School

  • Log Cabin House Thrift Store

  • Oxford House

  • Prairie Bear Books for children & teens in 20 northern communities

  • Regina Open Door Circle Project

  • Sask Abilities Book Sale

  • Salvation Army Grace Haven

  • Salvation Army Thrift Store (East)

  • Schools with special-needs programs

  • Sofia House

  • Souls' Harbour Little Souls' Daycare

  • Souls' Harbour Rescue Mission

  • Southeast Regional Library

  • Transition House

  • Visitation House

  • Wascana Rehab Hospital

  • Waterston Centre Men's Shelter

  • YWCA Shop

This sale requires tremendous effort from more than 100 volunteers, most of whom are seniors. When the last donation is out the door, the last table stowed, and the last cardboard box flattened, the volunteers are too exhausted to appreciate what they have accomplished. They just want a hot bath, to put up their feet, and relax with – you guessed it – a good book!